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Book title: Process Selection- From Design to Manufacture
By: K.G. Swift and J.D. Booker
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Edition: Second
Date: 2003
Pages: 333
Book type: PDF
ISBN-10: 0750654376
eBook title: Process Selection- From Design to Manufacture free download pdf ebook


About the book:

Recent experiences from carrying out Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Manufacture (DFM) product studies in industry have reinforced the authors’ belief that consideration of manufacturing problems at the design stage is the major means available for improving product quality, reducing manufacturing costs and increasing productivity. In the second edition, as well as providing further information to help select processes for components and the joining of components, we have included data on assembly process selection and costing. This can all be used to support DFA/DFM projects and associated activities.
The inclusion of assembly is very conscious, in that assembly issues are often neglected in product engineering. Through consideration of assembly, many strategically important issues can be addressed. For example, DFA impacts much more than assembly itself. In addition to reducing component assembly and handling costs, DFA encourages part-count optimization, variety reduction and standardization.
The authors wish to acknowledge the further support of individuals at CSC and Richard Batchelor of TRW. Special thanks are given to Bob Swain for help in the preparation of the figures and to Nathan Brown for research into joining process selection, both at the University of Hull. Thanks are also due to EPSRC for continued support of research under the Designers’ Sandpit Project (GR/M53103 and GR/M55145).

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